2017 Funding Rounds and Initiatives

Refugee Crisis Media Fund

NO FEE 15 Refugee Crisis Media FundThe Mary Raftery Journalism Fund (MRJF) launched the Refugee Crisis Media Fund, with the support of the Tony Ryan Trust. The fund was established to provide support to journalists and media professionals who wish to investigate the refugee crisis in Europe and the impact of the arrival and integration of refugees in Ireland.

The Fund was open to journalists, media professionals and media organisations who wished to submit applications for print, broadcast and / or online projects. Those from regions where refugees have migrated from were particularly encouraged to apply, as well as those applying on behalf of multi-media, team based collaborations. Up to €40,000 will be allocated to the successful applications and the maximum payable to any applicant will be €20,000.

Applicants were judged on the potential impact and reach of the proposed investigation and were asked to demonstrate examples of their experience in this area.