Dearbhla Glynn: War in Eastern Congo

Dearbhla Glynn’s feature film documents the issue of rape and conflict in Eastern Congo and deeply explores the experience of the victims as well as the perspective of the perpetrators behind these appalling crimes. It is an arresting and brutal account of how war ravages society, its people and leaves few victors – least of all women, whose value is often rendered worthless. The main focus of this film is to look at the ongoing issue of gender based violence in Eastern DRC(Democratic Republic of the Congo), an issue that continues to permeate despite the attention of NGO’s and the UN.

The film explores what has happened to society and communities, asking the question how can such a high level of violence exist against women and children and how society has come to treat a woman or a child once they have been raped, often casting them out of their homes, subject to abuse, stigma and how ultimately they are seen to have lost their value.

The film premiered at the IFI film festival in Dublin and is now being submitted into international film festivals. Dearbhla has pitched the film, to broadcasters, and film festival directors, hoping the film will be screened widely at festivals and also picked up by a distributor.

Posted in Public Interest Funding Round 2014