Funding and Initiatives

The objective of the Mary Raftery Journalism Fund is to advance ethical investigative media coverage of topics that seek to serve the public interest.

Funded projects can focus on where policy is systematically not being implemented or is lacking; on breaking down stigma through shifting public and political attitudes; on public education on what rights are, and why they are important (using examples); and on highlighting where infringement of rights is happening.  Applications from media projects that highlight inadequacies and the stories that are not being told are welcome – for example, a project that investigates failings that exist in these areas in spite of policy or legal protection, or areas where there are a lack of legal protections.

Funding applications should propose media projects that aim to be hard-hitting, well researched and credible.  The judging panel is not looking for commentary on any topic; rather, proposed projects should aim to produce insightful and analytical investigative work and / or provide new information to the public.  Projects should aim to be ground-breaking, have the potential to open issues up to public debate and importantly, serve the public interest.