Orla Ryan & Niamh Heery: Tackling Extremism: How reaching out to refugees can help stop radicalisation

This project will tell the real-life stories of refugees impacted by the reality of the crisis, and focus on what people are doing to help stop radicalisation and create a more empathetic environment for all refugees.

Many elements of the refugee crisis have been examined by the media to date. One area which could be further explored is that of radicalisation and the programmes in place to help stop it from happening. Such initiatives have been running in other European countries for years, but are not common in Ireland – likely an offshoot of the fact fewer refugees have settled here.

Misconceptions about refugees, particularly among the Muslim faith, sow fear and can lead to instances of prejudice and racism. With the number of refugees entering Ireland expected to increase in the coming years, this issue should be dealt with proactively rather than reactively. Terrorist attacks in Europe are leading to an increase in anti-refugee and anti-Muslim sentiment among some people.

We have seen the impact of this through recent political developments such as the election of Donald Trump in the US, the growing popularity of far-right political candidates and, to an extent, aspects of the commentary surrounding Britain’s decision to leave the European Union.

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