Screening of ‘Making Them Pay’

The Mary Raftery Journalism Fund presents:

Introduced by Sheila Ahern, researcher.
IFI, Saturday 17th May, 1pm-2pm
Free screening

In January this year Louise O’Keeffe won a landmark case in the European Court of Human Rights. The court found that Ireland’s system of detection and reporting of child abuse was ineffective and that it had not protected Louise from the sexual abuse she had suffered in primary school. Despite being made aware of child abuse “the Irish State continued to entrust the management of the primary education of the vast majority of young Irish children to privately managed National Schools,without putting in place any mechanism of effective State control” ECHR 027 (2014)

In ‘Making Them Pay’ (2007),the award winning documentary produced by Mary Raftery, Louise’s case and that of others in a similar position, is examined. This documentary screening in the IFI on Saturday 17th May at 1pm will be introduced by researcher, Sheila Ahern. This free screening forms part of a month long season of investigative documentaries and discussion, organised by the Mary Raftery Journalism Fund and supported by the IFI and RTÉ, to mark the 15th anniversary of the first broadcast of ‘States of Fear’.