Orla Ryan & Niamh Heery: Tackling Extremism: How reaching out to refugees can help stop radicalisation

This project will tell the real-life stories of refugees impacted by the reality of the crisis, and focus on what people are doing to help stop radicalisation and create a more empathetic environment for all refugees. Many elements of the

Sally Hayden: Road to Damascus: the Syrian refugees who want to go home

Reverse migration – efforts by Syrian refugees in Europe to return home – is a growing movement. But those who want to go face legal, practical and financial blocks, and many who make it back face torture and conscription. In

Refugee Crisis Media Fund Information Session

Refugee Crisis Media Fund Report

The Mary Raftery Journalism Fund, with the support of the Tony Ryan Trust, is hosting a special information session on the Refugee Crisis Media Fund, which is currently seeking applications from journalists and media professionals. The information session will take place between 11am – 1pm on Wednesday, 26th April in the

Bairdre Flood: The Hungry Road

Bairbre Flood spent a week in the migrant camp in Calais, France speaking to the people forced there through war or the political and economical situations in their home lands from which they fled. Her documentary ‘The Hungry Road’ for