How do you define terrorism

Following the tragic events in Paris last Friday, we look back at an article on terrorism that Mary wrote in 2006. How do you define terrorism July 20th, 2006 I once spent five hours being shelled by the Israeli Defence

Health has denied us our rights

In light of Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar’s announcement today of new plans to improve patient safety, we look back at one of Mary’s articles from 2005 in which she expresses her frustration with the Department of Health. Health has denied us

Health service still in denial

Standards in Irish medical care is rarely out of the headlines these days, and this week we’re taking a look at an article Mary wrote in 2006 about the topic… Health service still in denial November 2nd, 2006 It has

It’s time to tell youth about sex

Today, with the launch of Healthy Ireland’s Sexual Health Strategy & Action Plan, we take a look at Mary’s September 2004 article, ‘It’s time to tell youth about sex,’ where Mary discusses the importance of implementing adequate sex education for

Getting time off to grieve

In light of the tragic Germanwings crash last week, we take a look at an article Mary wrote about a situation in  2005 where a pilot froze during a flight due to a recent bereavement, and the need for companies

Not so perfect harmony

In a week where the nation is riding high on the success of the Irish Rugby team, we look at an article from 2004 where Mary questioned the appropriateness of Coca Cola (who were then one of the sponsors of the Irish Rugby team) having such a public link to Irish sports icons.

Bishops in a class of their own

This week a Bishop is making the headlines again. In the following article from 2004, Mary looks at the power of Bishops in society. Mary notes that profound questions must to be asked by Irish society as to whether Catholic Church personnel are fit people to be allowed such power over our schools and our children.

What Robinson really said

In this week’s article, Mary reacts to criticism Mary Robinson received in 2005 for her remarks about women who opt out of the workforce to care for their children, and offers an insight into feminism in Ireland ten years ago. 

State must be school patron

State must be school patron Thursday, 7th June 2007 You try your best to do everything right. You’ve got the mortgage, bought a house and started a family. Both yourself and your partner must work to make ends meet, and

Burying our heads in the sand

In the past few days, Government spokespersons have said that  TD Clare Daly’s proposed bill on termination for medical reasons would be opposed “for the same reasons that previous bills were opposed”.  Below is Mary’s view on the subject… Burying our heads in