Successful Projects

Awards totalling €89,000 were made to 18 successful applicants from all strands of media in the first two rounds of the Mary Raftery Journalism Fund. It is expected that successful projects will be broadcast or published throughout 2013 and will be promoted on Due to the investigative nature of the projects, successful applicants will not be made public before the broadcast or publication of their work.

Dan Danaher: The EPA: Friend or Foe of the Environment

Dan Danaher’s report ‘The EPA: Friend or Foe of the Environment’ for The Clare Champion, is an investigation into the effectiveness of the EPA to act properly as an independent environmental watchdog for major chemical companies and industries emitting harmful dioxins

Maurice Kelliher & Shaun O’Boyle: Prejudice and Pride

Photos: David Nugent “In a world where language and naming are power, silence is oppression, is violence.” ― Adrienne Rich There are approximately 40,000 travellers in Ireland and it is safe to estimate that many hundreds are attracted to the same

Peter McGuire: Child sex abuse in the community – now and then

Peter McGuire explores the treatment and prevention options available to child sex offenders in Ireland and potential offenders, and the effectiveness of those models. He also looks at how non-offending pedophiles are treated by the healthcare system. Peter’s work was

Hector Pastor and Sarah-Jane Fortune: Visa Factories or English Schools?

Over the last three years, the English language Industry in Ireland has suffered many school closures, exposing the malpractice taking place in some schools and resulting in hundreds of international students losing large sums of money. This hour-long documentary, funded

Tom Mooney: When out of hours care proves fatal

Tom Mooney’s report ‘when out of hours care proves fatal’, is an investigation of the paucity of out of hours care made available to people suffering from the abrupt onset of mental illness. In putting together his report, Tom interviewed

Bairdre Flood: The Hungry Road

Bairbre Flood spent a week in the migrant camp in Calais, France speaking to the people forced there through war or the political and economical situations in their home lands from which they fled. Her documentary ‘The Hungry Road’ for

Dearbhla Glynn: War in Eastern Congo

Dearbhla Glynn’s feature film documents the issue of rape and conflict in Eastern Congo and deeply explores the experience of the victims as well as the perspective of the perpetrators behind these appalling crimes. It is an arresting and brutal account of

Susan Dennehy: Voices from the Spectrum

As part of Autism Awareness Month, Susan Dennehy produced a series of radio reports called ‘voices from the spectrum’ which were aired on Newstalk’s, Pat Kenny Show. Susan’s reports exposed the reality of life for families of children with Autism Spectrum

Sorcha Heron: Who Cares for the Carer?

As part of the Autumn Season of Documentary on Newstalk, radio producer Sorcha Heron looks at the factors that cause burnout among social care workers in Ireland in Who Cares for the Carer?  There are over 6,000 social care workers believed

Della Kilroy: The Methadone Market

This project investigated the use of methadone in Dublin City. It looked into how it is prescribed, who it is prescribed to, the effects and dosage needed, and how the drug is being sold to other drug users on the