Children's Issues (Summer 2013)

The third funding round – which took place in summer 2013 – is under the theme of children’s issues. A total of 10 applications were received. Awards totalling €36,783 were made to seven successful applicants from all strands of media.

Peter McGuire: Sex Education in Irish Schools – What are Children Being Taught?

Peter McGuire’s project focused on sex education, and how external organisations are providing information on sexuality to young people in publicly funded schools. The Irish Times, 01.02.2014 The Irish Times, 04.02.2014 The Irish Times, 11.02.2014 Part One The Irish Times,

John Cradden – Special Needs Education in Mainstream Schools

John Cradden’s project  critically examined the system of special needs support for children with disabilities in mainstream/ordinary schools, as opposed to institutional settings or in special classes attached to ordinary schools. The Irish Times, 7.01.2014 Irish Times, 14.01.2014  For more

Colin Murphy: Children in Care in Ireland

Colin Murphy’s project examined whether care / justice systems for young people cause mental health problems, and if they perpetuate marginalisation. RTÉ Radio One Drivetime, 11th December 2013: Part One RTÉ Radio One Drivetime, 11th December 2013: Part Two The