Migrant Issues (Spring 2013)

The second funding round – which took place in winter 2013 – was under the theme of migrant issues. A total of 20 applications were received. Awards totalling €40,000 were made to nine successful applicants from all strands of media. Successful applicants are expected to broadcast / publish in autumn 2013.

Freda Hughes: Afraid to Complain – Racism in West Dublin

This project was a 2-part series broadcast on Phoenix FM in early February, 2014. The programmes investigate racially motivated crime in Dublin 15, how it manifests itself and how it is dealt with. The programmes also examines the support structures for dealing

Roisin Boyd: Going Behind Closed Doors

The aim of this project was to go behind the closed doors of the asylum process and direct provision to uncover and explain how the system operates. It also aimed to give a voice to those with direct experience of

Seán McCárthaigh: Migrant Workers and the EAT

Seán McCarthaigh’s project investigated whether migrant workers were  disproportionately accessing the Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT). It also analyses if the experience of migrant workers of the EAT differs from that of Irish nationals and the general population in relation to their

Donal Higgins: Absent Voices

Donal Higgins’ project looked at how proposed policy changes to sex work in Ireland will impact on sex workers living here. Central to the project were the stories of migrants themselves; what brought them to Ireland and what led them to

Catherine Reilly: The Gathering’s Uninvited

Catherine Reilly investigated the largely unreported human consequences of deportation for those with strong ties to Ireland, and analysed the cases and living circumstances of individuals who were potentially eligible to remain. The Irish Times, 31.08.2013 The Irish Times, 02.09.2013 The

Sinead O’Shea: Irish Style – Still Hurting the Vulnerable

‘Irish Style – Still Hurting the Vulnerable’ investigated migrant children who came to Ireland alone and were housed in hostels by the HSE until 2010. During this time, a number of the migrant girls became pregnant, and the documentary explores

Dil Wickremasinghe: A Migrant State of Mind

A Migrant State of Mind examined the impact of migration on mental health, by sharing the stories of five migrants. The documentary was aired on Newstalk over two evenings in October 2013. A Migrant State of Mind, 12th and 13th

Colette Colfer: Warehouse God

Colette Colfer’s project examined the practice of migrants using warehouses as places of worship, and questions why this is the case. Colette’s report was broadcast on Newstalk, and published in the Irish Times. Newstalk’s ‘Global Village’, 23rd August 2013 The