Public Interest Funding Round

The fourth funding round took place in summer 2014. Eight applicants were successful from all strands of the media. Here you will find examples of their work:

Maurice Kelliher & Shaun O’Boyle: Prejudice and Pride

Photos: David Nugent “In a world where language and naming are power, silence is oppression, is violence.” ― Adrienne Rich There are approximately 40,000 travellers in Ireland and it is safe to estimate that many hundreds are attracted to the same

Dearbhla Glynn: War in Eastern Congo

Dearbhla Glynn’s feature film documents the issue of rape and conflict in Eastern Congo and deeply explores the experience of the victims as well as the perspective of the perpetrators behind these appalling crimes. It is an arresting and brutal account of

Sorcha Heron: Who Cares for the Carer?

As part of the Autumn Season of Documentary on Newstalk, radio producer Sorcha Heron looks at the factors that cause burnout among social care workers in Ireland in Who Cares for the Carer?  There are over 6,000 social care workers believed

Della Kilroy: The Methadone Market

This project investigated the use of methadone in Dublin City. It looked into how it is prescribed, who it is prescribed to, the effects and dosage needed, and how the drug is being sold to other drug users on the

Sorcha Glackin: Suicide and Mental Health in the Travelling Community

This project investigated why suicide rates amongst members of the travelling community are so high, and what exactly is being done about it. It focused on the stigma that still exists in the travelling community when it comes to speaking about issues such as mental health and suicide, and what is being done about this stigma.

One in Ten – Newstalk, 5th July 2015

Ian Byrne: My Modern Family

Ian Byrne’s project investigated the discrimination against children brought up by same-sex couples in Ireland, and why children of LGBT families are denied the same rights as those of heterosexual couples. It also explored the experiences of LGBT families in general and the pathways to parenthood for same-sex couples and their perceived position in Irish society.

My Modern Family – Spin 1038, 1st June 2015