Isabel Perceval: Lives in Limbo

Produced by fund recipient Isabel Perceval and reported by Eithne O’Brien, this Prime Time documentary revisits Ballaghaderreen a year after it was announced they were to host refugees from Syria. They followed two of the newly arrived refugees over the

Orla Ryan & Niamh Heery: Tackling Extremism: How reaching out to refugees can help stop radicalisation

This project will tell the real-life stories of refugees impacted by the reality of the crisis, and focus on what people are doing to help stop radicalisation and create a more empathetic environment for all refugees. Many elements of the

Maresa Fagan: ‘Ireland’s Response to the Refugee Crisis: Céad Míle Fáilte?’

How does Ireland’s record on the refugee crisis and immigration fare compared to the rest of Europe? This investigation examines Ireland’s response to the global refugee crisis in a number of ways – through data analysis, through the personal journeys

Sally Hayden: Road to Damascus: the Syrian refugees who want to go home

Reverse migration – efforts by Syrian refugees in Europe to return home – is a growing movement. But those who want to go face legal, practical and financial blocks, and many who make it back face torture and conscription. In

Della Kilroy: Libyan Survival – Refugees Rescued From Sea

In November 2017, the International Organisation for Migration said the Mediterranean remains by far the world’s deadliest border for migrants and refugees. With the EU struggling to stem migration and deal with severe conditions in Libyan detention camps, Della Kilroy