Mary Raftery Journalism Fund launches its Annual Review 2017

The Mary Raftery Journalism Fund is delighted to announce the launch of its Annual Review 2017. The review highlights the key successes of the fund during the year. The full Annual  Review is available to download here.

Orla Ryan & Niamh Heery: Tackling Extremism: How reaching out to refugees can help stop radicalisation

This project will tell the real-life stories of refugees impacted by the reality of the crisis, and focus on what people are doing to help stop radicalisation and create a more empathetic environment for all refugees. Many elements of the

Della Kilroy: Libyan Survival – Refugees Rescued From Sea

In November 2017, the International Organisation for Migration said the Mediterranean remains by far the world’s deadliest border for migrants and refugees. With the EU struggling to stem migration and deal with severe conditions in Libyan detention camps, Della Kilroy

Dan Danaher: The EPA: Friend or Foe of the Environment

Dan Danaher’s report ‘The EPA: Friend or Foe of the Environment’ for The Clare Champion, is an investigation into the effectiveness of the EPA to act properly as an independent environmental watchdog for major chemical companies and industries emitting harmful dioxins

Public Interest Funding Round 2015

Public Interest Funding Round (2015) Journalists are invited to submit proposals for investigations that seek to service the public interest and that have not yet been brought to light. The deadline for receipt of applications is Friday, 27th November at 5pm.

Trust me, I’m a doctor…

Yesterday, the Irish Independent reported on the case of twenty one undiagnosed breech babies in Drogheda following an audit which was prompted by a baby’s death in 2013 and two further complaints by parents. In this week’s article from 2003

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some FAQs about the Mary Raftery Journalism Fund: Q: What is themes and deadline for applications for the 2015 funding round? A: Applicants are invited to submit proposals that seek to serve the public interest. The deadline for applications

Mental Health

24th September to 16th November 2012
In September 2011, RTÉ broadcast ‘Behind the Walls’, a two-part documentary series that explored the history of psychiatric institutions in Ireland. The programme, which was produced and written by Mary Raftery, was aired just four months before she died. It highlighted damning evidence of the appalling conditions in Irish psychiatric institutions for several decades in the mid-20th Century.

Migrant Issues

21st January – 15th March 2013
The Celtic Tiger years saw the population of the average Irish town transform due to an influx of immigrants from around the world. Despite the economic downturn in recent years, many of these immigrants now call Ireland their home, and have chosen to stay here. According to the 2011 Census, the number of Irish residents who were born outside the country stands at 17 per cent of the overall population.

Children’s Issues

29th April – 21st June 2013
Of all the work Mary Raftery completed in her career, she is best known for her involvement in ‘States of Fear’, a 1999 documentary series that presented the public with evidence of the physical and sexual abuse of children in residential care institutions in Ireland. The series is credited with leading to the establishment of the Ryan Commission of Inquiry into child sex abuse and the setting up of the Residential Institutions Redress Board.